Design a fun surprise gift box with cheerful items and print our free box of sunshine digital card to go along with it.

Box of Sunshine diy gift idea

Know someone who could use a little extra encouragement?

Consider gifting a fun box of sunshine to cheer them up! ☀️ This DIY surprise gift box is easy to make and budget-friendly, too. We’ve even designed a cheerful FREE printable card in a couple of sizes that you can include with your gift.

If you have someone in your life that has experienced a recent loss, a box of sunshine could also be a thoughtful sympathy or bereavement gift to compile and personalize for them. Sometimes just knowing that someone is thinking of you can be of great comfort.

I actually once did this for a friend and dropped it off at her door, and she loved it so much. I could tell it meant a lot. 

box of sunshine gift items

This box of sunshine project could not be easier and it is so fun to do!

Simply put together a fun grouping of yellow or brightly colored goodies and surprise a friend, family member, neighbor, or teacher – anyone you think needs some joy and kindness. 😀 These days a little extra kindness goes a long way. 💛

If you have a child in college this would be a fun idea to compile and send off to them! As far as the box goes, you could maybe repurpose one from a subscription box or decorate a shipping box.

dollar tree gift fillers

The best part? You can budget for your small gifts and completely customize your DIY surprise gift box for your recipient. I spotted a ton of cute “yellow” themed goodies at Dollar Tree and Walmart to fill my box and keep it within my budget!

You can also check out your favorite stores like Target, Big Lots, and TJ Maxx for some fun finds as well.

hand holding box of sunshine card

fun spring or summer gift box diy

DIY Sunshine Surprise Gift Box


Supplies Needed



Grab a box and place some yellow tissue paper inside. Gather your items, and start placing them in your box.

If you’d rather buy your items online instead of heading into a store, consider grabbing some of these:


Print the card and place it wedged between some of the gifts in the box for your recipient to see.


Gift to a friend or family member and watch the smiles appear instantly!😃

cute box of sunshine gift idea

I’m so excited to give this box of sunshine gift to a friend who could use a little pick-me-up!

It’s such a sweet and thoughtful sentiment. I love that anyone can make this simple idea! Enjoy. ☀️💛

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