Thank delivery drivers with our adorable free delivery appreciation printable!

adding note to basket of snacks for delivery drivers

This is such an easy way to thank the folks who make online shopping possible!

If you’re like me and do lots of shopping online, then it’s possible you could be getting packages delivered several times a week! With that said, here’s a fun and easy way to say THANK YOU as a way of giving back to those hardworking delivery drivers all year long!

They’re an important part of making online shopping easy for everyone, and they definitely deserve our appreciation and a nice shout-out. ❤️

note to thank a delivery driver all year printable

Thank a delivery driver with some snacks!

Consider putting a small basket of grab-and-go refreshments, such as individually wrapped snacks, on your doorstep for a delivery person to grab and go as they drop off packages at your home. You can get the kids involved to help put together your treat box as an easy project.

It’s just a small act of kindness that can brighten someone’s day and can help fuel a driver’s energy too!

printing delivery driver free printable

We now have two designs for you to choose from!

Because our Christmas version of this sign has been so popular over the last couple of years, we decided to include a separate one to use year-round! Now you can continue this fun tradition all year.

Delivery Drivers Thank You Snack Basket


Supplies Needed



Print either the holiday thank you sign or the year-round version and place it into your storage basket.


Fill your storage basket with a selection of snacks and drinks or bottled water.


Set outside your porch, patio, or entryway so that delivery drivers may select their snacks on the go!

Christmas delivery driver printable

Hip Tips to thank a delivery driver with this care package:

  • If you’re concerned about small animals getting into snacks, consider using a small cooler instead. You could also use a small cooler for cold drinks if you’re in warmer weather like me.
  • Consider using a laminator machine on our FREE printable so it will last longer outdoors.

How to Thank Your Delivery Person During the Holidays

My basket has been a success!

On a personal note, this basket has been on my porch for 2 holiday seasons and it’s really FUN to watch and hear on our outdoor Nest camera. The drivers have always been so appreciative and some of them yell out “Thank You!” and a few have come back to leave a sweet thank you note! 😍

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