Looking to participate in Giving Tuesday this year?

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Want to give back this holiday season?

Thanksgiving day is followed by some noteworthy days; in addition to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, there’s a lesser-known national day called Giving Tuesday. Taking place this year on November 29th, Giving Tuesday is a “global generosity movement”!

It’s the perfect time to pause from the holiday chaos and reflect on ways you can serve your community. Through kindness and generosity, Giving Tuesday encourages us to do some good in the world, which hopefully leads to acts of service beyond this day! The site offers countless ways to get involved with your community and country, and the global movement includes a handful of international countries as well.

From participating in a food drive to helping out with local charities and non-profits, there are endless participation options for Giving Tuesday. Many big companies will also be sharing the holiday spirit with Giving Tuesday. Last year, brands including Disney, Instacart, and more participated in Giving Tuesday. We can’t wait to see who joins in this year!

Here are some things you can do to participate in Giving Tuesday…

1. Distribute some “Blessing Bags“!

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Those affected by homelessness may be struggling to access essential items we take for granted every day. Because of this, a great way to give back is by making some blessing bags full of things like snacks, deodorant, socks, and more. We have an entire post on what items we’ve used in the past if you need ideas to get started.

If you aren’t giving them out directly, consider reaching out to a local charity, church, or organization that will graciously distribute these on your behalf!

2. Create a care package for your local delivery drivers!

How to Thank Your Delivery Person During the Holidays

Throughout the next month or so, we imagine you’ll be getting tons of deliveries. Whether it’s a few a week or every day, delivery drivers from Amazon, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and more work around the clock during the holiday season to guarantee your gift arrives on time.

Because of this, why not express a little appreciation? We have a holiday (and year-round) printable thanking delivery drivers for their hard work. Along with the printable, we put together a basket full of snacks and beverages to show a little appreciation. The reactions are always super heartwarming. What better time to start than Giving Tuesday?

3. Support our teachers through Donors Choose!

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One of our readers, Cheryl, reached out to us and brought our attention to DonorsChoose.com. This amazing website helps teachers raise funds to gather school supplies and other classroom essentials. Every dollar counts when it comes to supporting these educators. If you’re interested, Donors Choose even offers a monthly donation where you can support a different cause each month!

We trust teachers with the future of our youth, and many usually end up using their own money to get materials for the classroom. If there’s anything we can do to help, we are all in! Plus, every dollar you donate is matched between 50% – 100%, so it’s extra valuable!

4. Consider donating blood.

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If you’re not afraid of needles, donating blood can be one of the best ways to give back. You may not realize how many people can be impacted and benefited from blood donations; they can save lives!

Many blood drives are advertised right outside of the facility collecting donations, but you can always check out the Red Cross website to find a drive near you.

5. Spread some kind words!

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You may not realize this at the moment, but the power of kindness goes a long way. Whether it’s a simple smile or writing some sweet messages, this can really change the trajectory of someone’s day in the best way. We love these DIY kindness rocks that are a great craft idea to make with the family!

6. Pay it forward!

Barista handing drinks to care inStrabucks drive through

Waiting in a drive-through line? Consider paying for not only your order but the person behind you, too! There’s no better feeling than being on the receiving end of this, and it usually starts a giving train that lasts for dozens of people.

7. Participate in a food or clothing drive.

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Following Thanksgiving, there may be a handful of canned foods you didn’t make use of. Consider collecting these items and donating them at a local shelter or food drive.

Similarly, when purging your closet, never throw away those clothes! Clothing donations are always in need; something as simple as stopping by Good Will is a small way to make a big difference.

girl sticking money to a gas tank random acts of kindness

The list goes on!

We have a post about random acts of kindness, and now is the perfect time to use it as inspiration for Giving Tuesday! It’s easy to get overwhelmed during the holiday season, but days like this remind us of what is really important. Even if you miss out on Tuesday, who is to say you can’t try something kind every day? ❤️

Check out Lina’s Pay It Forward Printable!

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